Vendor Information and Sign Up

Vending at the talent show is open to registered non-profit entities located in and around Searcy County; groups without a valid IEN or Tax ID # will not be eligible to vend. This is for liability and quality assurance purposes.

All vendors must fill out, sign and have a completed Enrollment Form (located on the next page) postmarked by September 28th, 2019. Vendors who fail to present their application by the deadline will be barred from vending at the event. The mailing address is:

AuxArc Wilderness Talent Contest

3931 Zack Rd.

Marshall, AR 72650

Groups will be limited to up to 4 members, and will be assigned an 8’x8’ space. Additional staffing/volunteer or space requirements, or other special accommodations, need to be approved well in advance. Contact Rod Corley at (870) 448-4815 if you have any questions.

Groups with underaged staff/volunteers are acceptable, so long as the vending organization provides competent adult supervision for their group’s operations and any underaged staff/volunteers.

The setup time for Vendor tents/displays will be 8am until 10:45am, and take down will be from 3pm until 6pm. Setting up/breaking down vendor tents during the event will be strongly discouraged, as it would be disruptive to the event. Vendors who attempt to set up after the event has begun may be barred from participating.

The nature of items to be vended needs to be approved by Aux Arc Wilderness owner Rod Corley and/or associates. Vendors may be denied participation if their goods and/or services as deemed offensive or are overly represented by other vendors.

There is no cellphone reception anywhere on the Aux Arc Wilderness property. Vendors should expect to conduct transactions on a cash-only basis (no Square, PayPal, etc.)

All vendors assume responsibility for their crafts, products or services. Aux Arc Wilderness cannot be responsible for lost/damaged/stolen goods or equipment.

All vendors assume liability for their crafts, products or services. Aux Arc Wilderness cannot be liable for damages or injuries caused by the goods, services or equipment provided by or used by the vendors.

Additional Rules and Details may be posted on the website ( Vending at an Aux Arc Wilderness event implies that vendors agree to all the rules and conditions posted and updated on the website prior to the date of the event. 

Click Here to Download Vendor Instructions and Application Form